Investors need to keep abreast of political, economic and cryptocurrency news. Markets and economies of developed countries are closely related. News from across the planet can easily influence profits. And investing in cryptocurrency is no exception. However, in the crypto world, media are often used to manipulate the market.

Specialized publications

The cryptocurrency market regulation is still weak. In stock markets, the management of large companies, especially exchanges, is forced to carefully weigh each public word. And then after all, they can be fined a couple of tens of millions of dollars (remember Ilona Mask). In the case of cryptocurrencies, there is no such threat, and therefore, all means are used in the competition.

Cryptocurrency news and community

Specialized media are happy to publish any cryptocurrency news. The news is related to people known in the crypto community. Teams of large projects or cryptocurrency exchanges: from knowingly false advertising to slanderous competitors.

The cryptocurrency market is very “nervous” – due to the high volatility. Investors react even to minor news. In addition, operations with coins occur faster than with stocks. The effect of manipulation through the media is felt much faster.

Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV

A vivid example of the role of media in the dynamics of cryptocurrency rates is the war of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. After the separation of blockchains, the dynamics of the courses were determined by journalist articles. On a certain day, they preferred Roger Vera or Craig Wright. Accordingly, during this period, both of these currencies could not be called a reliable asset for investment.

You can protect your cryptocurrency investment from this by building a balanced crypto portfolio. Then the sudden collapse of one coin will not be a disaster for you. And in some situations, the fall of one asset can be offset by the growth of others.

And now there is no need to build a crypto portfolio “by eye”. The allows you to collect a portfolio, test it on historical data and even balance it automatically in accordance with the changing market situation.