Hi Holder! Let’s see what happened on the cryptocurrency market in the last week.

Most performance cryptocurrencies since last 7 days

We sorted the most successful coins from the top 200

Rank Name Growth rate ROI About
#179 Proton Token (PTT) 1813 % 197 % Proton Token is a Data Intelligent Collaboration Network
#104 Function X (FX) 110 % 16 % FX is a decentralized network. Pundi X curate this solution. And FX integrated they solution to XPhone.
#126 Aion (AION) 33 % -81,5 Aion helps developers run Java Virtual Machine to create decentralized applications.
#111 Loopring (LRC) 28,5 % -59 % Loopring – protocol for decentralised token exchange

Cryptocurrency news from last 7 days

Messenger Viber launch their own cryptocurrency – Rakuten Coin. They planning to launch coin not only in Japan.

Cryptoinvestors received messages from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that they need to report income from operations with cryptocurrencies.

Billionaire from Greece Alki David announced the release of Swissx and SWX Coin, this coin will be linked to the price of cannabis.

Cryptocurrency Market overview

BTC trading at 9506$ , since last week Bitcoin trading near 50 SMA, this indicated of a Bear Market. Volatility is going down and if we don’t see byuers, we can see test of the level 8900 – 9100

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