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About Ready-Made portfolios

Using Ready-made portfolios, you can view and analyze user cryptocurrency portfolio, as well as copy the portfolio you are interested in with all the user settings. To see all portfolios, you need to select “All in one” in the portfolio list.

Ready-made portfolios

You can switch between filters:

  • Best – shows the most productive portfolios based on the statistical results of the portfolio
  • Subscribers – by the number of portfolio subscribers
  • All time, Day, Month, Year – by time intervals
  • Favorites – shows your favorite portfolios

If you want to add your portfolio to ready-made, you can do this simply by ticking add to ready-made, after which your portfolio will be added to the ready-made section.

Ready-made profile

After going to the profile of the card you are interested in, you can see the statistics and composition of the portfolio.

One of the ready-made example

Portfolio – shows the composition of the portfolio, including the distribution by volume of investments in% (invested). P / L – shows the current cryptocurrency portfolio deviation.

Stats holder – shows data on the number of rebalances, as well as the set rebalancing parameters.

Market index – shows BTC performance for different periods of time

Drawdown – maximum drawdown of portfolio

Return% – portfolio return depending on the period

Copy portfolio button

If you want to copy the portfolio you like, you can add it using the “copy portfolio” button. The portfolio should correspond to the exchange you connected.

If you have not yet connected your exchange, see how to do it with the help of this article: How to connect a cryptocurrency exchange to Holderlab via API keys?

Updated on November 18, 2019

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