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How to manage cryptocurrency exchanges?

Once you connect all of your cryptocurrency exchanges, you can manage it

Manage Binance
Manage Binance

In a header you can see button for switching between your exchanges and you can see all amount of balance when you click on the tab.

Update and delete API keys

If you need to update your API Keys of your cryptocurrency exchange, you need go to your account settings.

  • Click on “gear” button, then press “My Holderlab”
My Holderlab
Account settings
  • Choose exchange and click on “Manage exchange”
Manage Binance exchange
Manage Binance exchange

Now you see all your portfolio and if you scroll down, you see update keys block

Update binance api keys
Update Binance API Keys

Do not forget that if you want to update exchanges, such as Kucoin or OKEX, you also need to update the passphrase.

Updated on July 21, 2019

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