Choosing the right exchange is just as important as the right strategy for trading. We have selected for you the 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to trade in large volumes, with a minimum commission and a high degree of protection.

All these exchanges for several years occupy a leading position and managed to earn the respect of millions of customers.


Binance crypto exchange appeared on the market in 2017 and is a relatively new player among other market participants. Despite the fact that the site is quite young, thanks to innovative solutions, the exchange quickly became one of the market leaders. According to the CoinMarketCap website, Binance is by far the most liquid crypto-exchange and the leader in terms of total trading volume.

Binance interface
Binance futures exchange

The headquarters of the company is located in Hong Kong, and even now it is much more reliable in legal terms than the American counterparts. Commission on the exchange is relatively low – 0.1% of the transaction. The exchange has created its own BNB coin, which allows it to further reduce the already small commissions. The user-friendly interface is available in many languages, including Russian, English, Spanish and French. Recently, Binance added the possibility of replenishing through the Advcash payment system with several fiat currencies: euros, rubles, hryvnias and Kazakhstan tenge. Read here about the 5 best ways to buy Bitcoin.

Binance DEX

In addition to the main best cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has other products, one of which is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Binance DEX on its own Binance Chain blockchain, where the BNB token acts as the main payment unit. While its liquidity is not very high, but the exchange itself was launched only this year. There are also exchanges operating in different countries, such as Binance Jersey, Binance US and Binance Singapore. Binance is the whole infrastructure that Binance Lab is part of – the goal of this division is to launch blockchain projects and expand the capabilities of existing products

Initial exchange offering (ieo)

The platform regularly conducts IEO – an analogue of ICO, but tokens are carefully selected by the Binance team. During IEO, tokens are bought by investors on the exchange itself, after which they will be guaranteed to trade on it, which is why investors are insured – many tokens do not go to exchanges after the ICO.


The oldest cryptocurrency exchange on this list is Kraken, it appeared on the market in 2011. The history of the exchange development is directly related to the takeover of other exchanges, including fiat ones. Kraken to this day occupies a leading position in the cryptocurrency market.

Kraken exchange home page
Kraken exchange home page

The crypto exchange offers cryptocurrency trading with over 107 instruments. However, you can be sure that if any coin got on this exchange – everything is fine with it, because before you get into Kraken, the creators of the coin must undergo a thorough check. Kraken supports fiat currencies of EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD and stablecodes USDT and DAI.

Kraken is aimed at both a wide audience and large players with the support of OTC cryptocurrency trading.


Speaking about best cryptocurrency exchanges, you can not ignore the giant such as Huobi. Having appeared in 2013, the exchange has gained wide popularity mainly among Chinese traders. In 2017-2018, Huobi quickly moved to the global market and managed to conquer millions of users around the world.

Huobi global exchange
Huobi global exchange

Daily trading volume exceeds one billion dollars, due to which the exchange ranks second in terms of trading volumes, which indicates high liquidity. Huobi is also one of the leaders in the number of trading pairs – their number is 540. For the convenience of users, its own HT-token was developed. HT-token helps not only in the development of the exchange, but also reduces the commission for trading operations

High protection

The exchange is famous for its high degree of security, which means you have to spend a lot of effort to go through verification and registration. But after that, several trading options will become available to you at once, including a convenient mobile application.


A relatively new exchange appeared in 2017, as did Binance. Among the competitors, it differs, first of all, with a large selection of trading instruments – there are more than 400 of them on the exchange. The second plus is the quick access to the market – you need to register an account, but there is no need for verification, at least if you do not plan to trade in large volumes.

Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange
Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange

Users note that a large number of people regularly work on the development of the exchange. This is noticeable by frequent updates and the absence of any technical failures and freezes.


Just a few years ago, this exchange was the most popular platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but over time, competitors slightly shifted it from a leadership position.

A large number of trading pairs and low commissions attract customers. Poloniex successfully defeated hacker attacks and was able to withstand many hacks.

Poloniex exchange
Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange

The Poloniex exchange has a simple interface. Even an inexperienced novice can understand how to use sharing tools in just a few minutes. And if suddenly something remains incomprehensible – you can always contact technical support, unfortunately, only in English. The Poloniex team also restored the Trollbox chat, where you can chat with other traders and find out relevant information.

Coinbase PRO

The fairly old and famous cryptocurrency exchange is more suitable for those who are going to buy and store cryptocurrency. Only 7 cryptocurrency options and 1 stablecoin are available for users to buy: BTC, ETH, BCH, BAT, ETC, LTC, ZRX, USDC. Read more about top 10 cryptocurrencies for investing in 2019

Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro

One of the main advantages of Coinbase Pro is the withdrawal of funds in the currencies of USD, EUR and GBP.

One of the goals of Coinbase is the desire to turn cryptocurrencies into a payment system. In 2018, they received a license to work with electronic money, as well as plans to obtain a banking license. The exchange provides insurance funds for dollar accounts up to $ 250,000. Coinbase also stands out with quality support.


The Hong Kong Bitfinex exchange is ideal for a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitfinex is seriously engaged in the creation of a large number of teaching aids. In addition, round-the-clock technical support is available to all users, able to explain all the intricacies of working with the exchange.

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange
Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange

The exchange offers traders a large number of indicators that greatly facilitate trading. Read here about the best incredibly working cryptocurrency trading strategies in 2019. A large number of trading pairs with fiat currencies are presented.


OKEX cryptocurrency exchange currently ranks fourth in terms of trading volumes. During the peak period, the average daily volume reaches two billion dollars. Like Binance, OKEX launched its own token to pay commissions inside the exchange.

OKEX cryptocurrency exchange
OKEX cryptocurrency exchange

The verification system involves several levels. To withdraw funds, you need to get the first level, but to work with fiat, you need to provide more documents.

Exchange fees range from 0.01% to 0.15%. In total, more than 470 cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange.


Another Hong Kong exchange, included in the top 10, which means that the exchange has large trading volumes and high liquidity. Of the advantages, one can note the simplicity of design, and as a result, convenient working conditions. The site has a convenient and intuitive interface.

HitBTC exchange
HitBTC exchange

A large number of tools are available to users, with the exception of operations with fiat. The platform is in demand among the initial placement of cryptocurrencies using ICO and IEO.


Bittrex is rightfully in the top 10 due to its high level of security and high trading volume. Of the pluses, it is important to note the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in USD, a large number of cryptocurrencies, there are more than 200 of them.

The platform is governed by US law, the requirements are strict regarding finance and especially cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, all users can be sure of the security and safety of their funds.

Best cryptocurrency exchange

These are 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges in our opinion, but this does not mean at all that only their services are worth using. All these exchanges are connected to the service, which allows to automatically compose a crypto portfolio and rebalance the portfolio at once on several crypto sites. Opening an investment portfolio, you can choose any suitable option, having considered other options. Be careful, as investments in cryptocurrencies carry certain risks