Top cryptocurrency 2019 turned out to be incredibly profitable for crypto investors, and many again began to pay attention to the blockchain and the associated earnings prospects.
We have prepared for you a selection of the most promising and confident cryptocurrencies for 2019. Some of these coins have passed the test of time, holding the leading position in Coinmarketcap, others are promising newcomers, but worthy of attention.

1. Bitcoin

It is difficult to create a top cryptocurrency without including bitcoin there. This is the oldest coin with 50% of the market.
Today it is impossible to find a crypto exchange that does not trade bitcoin, and all news agencies still regularly publish news about all changes in the Bitcoin exchange rate.
It is hard to imagine that bitcoin can drop sharply below first place among all crypto projects.

Obviously, buying a couple of bitcoins and keeping them for a rainy day is always useful, this is a great long-term investment.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum or ETH revolutionized the crypto industry, becoming the first smart contract platform. It was from him that the ICO era began, which, in part, made the blockchain industry the way it is now.

Given the upcoming changes in the Ethereum system, you can expect future growth of Ethereum, so this cryptocurrency should really be included in your investment portfolio. Using the service, you can quickly and easily choose the most convenient investment options for yourself, and first of all, we recommend paying attention to this particular cryptocurrency.

3. Ripple

This cryptocurrency is often called “Rocket”, primarily due to several rapid ups in the value of the coin. Ripple is still one of the least risky cryptocurrencies to invest in. When collecting your own portfolio, you should consider this cryptocurrency in more detail.

First of all, Ripple is aimed at working with large banks, providing fast and reliable transfers. The developers of the project have created a technology that can make a complete revolution in the banking sector. Ripple plans to take the place of SWIFT, which is now used by most world banks.

The growth of this coin can be judged by the fact that in 2017 its price increased by more than 30,000%.

4. Binance coin (BNB)

The growth of blockchain technology has taken cryptocurrency exchanges to a whole new level, and one of the consequences of this process has been the emergence of cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading volume of this coin exceeds 2.5 billion dollars. Even during the depreciation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, BNB was the first to recover from the fall in prices. Using this coin, the user receives certain discounts when trading on the Binance exchange.

Buying Binance coin in your cryptocurrency portfolio can be a very profitable investment.

5. EOS

Despite the relatively late appearance on the cryptocurrency market, EOS confidently takes 5th place in the overall rating. EOS is a Chinese project designed to develop smart contracts, it is able to conduct up to a million transactions per second, for comparison, the Ethereum network is able to process about 20 transactions.

The current value of EOS is in the region of $ 3, but with the increase in the cost of bitcoin, the rest of the coins will catch up with it. This cryptocurrency is a very promising investment for the investment portfolio, in addition, you can buy it on almost any exchange.


Free transactions in the blockchain industry are quite rare. The essence of this cryptocurrency is that the absence of blocks completely eliminates the need to pay for transactions, and the main goal of IOTA is to create a secure and reliable data exchange market.

This top cryptocurrency 2019 is currently waiting for a growth stage, so it is reasonable to expect further growth of this coin.

7. QuantStamp (QSP)

This cryptocurrency was created to protect blockchain technologies from unfair projects. Unfortunately, even such a reliable technology as blockchain is still subject to hackers. In 2016, attackers managed to steal more than 3.6 million ETH from the DAO exchange.

At the moment, QSP is at a fairly low position due to changes in scalability of ETH. However, subsequent growth of Ethereum will entail an increase in QSP. In other words, if you have chosen broadcast as an investment, be sure to pay attention to QSP as well.

8. Ardor (ARDR)

The main goal of creating this top cryptocurrency 2019 is the introduction of blockchain technologies in the activities of large enterprises. Most of the world’s largest banks pay attention to this technology, seeing in it a reliable replacement for the technologies used today.

At the moment, the cost of the coin is relatively low, but analysts expect the coin to grow soon.

9. Pundi X (NPXS)

Despite the relatively low cost of cryptocurrency (less than $ 1), this cryptocurrency has a fairly large capitalization. The idea of cryptocurrency is to speed up transactions on other systems.

The annual turnover of Pundi is several billion NPXS, so do not assume that this cryptocurrency is surviving. This is currently a promising coin to add to your wallet.

10. Dash

On the 10th place was cryptocurrency, which allows you to mine new coins using existing ones. Mining Dash works in such a way that in order to get new coins you need to have a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Thus, adding a coin to your portfolio, you can think about mining, thereby increasing your capital not only with an increase in the price of a coin, but also with an increase in the quantity.

However, the top cryptocurrency 2019 itself does not have such a high growth prospect as those indicated above, which means you should analyze the market situation more carefully, we recommend that you go to and see more detailed information about the coin. There you can buy it in your portfolio.

The world of cryptocurrencies is unpredictable, at any moment something completely new and revolutionary may appear, so we recommend that you often watch a roundup of all the changes in the industry and read post about top incredibly working cryptocurrency trading strategies in 2019